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Once you are certain that you want to start a business and have the basics in place, there is nothing worse than waiting on paperwork and permits. A shelf company purchased from us can get you started much faster and give you a number of added benefits, mainly if you decide for an old shelf company. Even though there are other companies that offer similar services, you will find ours are a cut above the rest.

Buy aged shelf company with minimum work on your part with BSC Shelf Company Services. We provide all type of shelf company with bank account that can be immediately registered to start working effectively. We do all the paperwork, ownership transfer and other legal procedure to give you readymade aged shelf company as per your needs. Buy shelf company with bank account and get an easy head-start in your business.

We make you understand the procedure, we make all the process of the transfer happen and we do all the paperwork for it, leaving you happy and a proud owner of a new shelf company legally.

We are Available 24/7/365

If you have never owned or operated a business before, then you may not realize that there is no such thing as “9 to 5” when you are in this position. In fact, even during the planning stages, you may already be sacrificing nights, weekends, and even lunch breaks in order to sort out how you will meet various goals. We believe that we should accommodate any schedule when it comes to purchasing a shelf company. Visit our site, and you can purchase an old shelf company for sale almost instantly any time of the day or night. Should you wish to buy online an old shelf company, please do contact us.

The Purchase and Company Ownership Transfer Process is Almost Entirely Automatic

When it comes to buying an aged shelf company, starting a business, more than a few people have changed their minds just at the thought of completing all of the government and tax related paperwork associated with forming a basic business structure.

Since our shelf companies are already registered with the government and the tax department, you can have peace of mind in knowing that all of the initial administrative work has been done and done correctly. Just take a few minutes to fill out our Client Questionnaire and the business papers will be ready almost as soon as the payment clears.

Our Shelf Companies are Guaranteed Clean - This is an integral part of our Shelf Company Services

Old shelf companies from us are guaranteed to be free of all these problems because we register each of the companies ourselves, and then set them aside for future use. All required filings are done by our in-house senior team of registrars. Each member has decades of experience with these kinds of filings. They have meticulously kept up with all government and tax regulations to ensure all of our shelf companies are in perfect order and are ready to use as soon as you receive the paperwork. You will never have to worry about ghost debts, audits because of past paperwork problems, or anything else that comes with buying a business from someone else.

Our Shelf Companies are Easy to Verify

Many people that have been shopping around for a shelf company are amazed at the degree of transparency we offer in terms of verifying our claims about our 100% clean shelf companies. Before you buy the company, we will be more than happy to give you all the information you need to verify that the business is already legally formed, and that it has never been traded. Our old shelf companies are totally exempt from any sort of responsibilities or liabilities.

We Will Be Here After You Make Your Purchase

If you do some research on worldwide shelf companies, you will find more than a few that sell you a business, send you the paperwork, and then are never available to help you again. In contrast to this, we are driven to support you as much as we can so that you have a better chance of succeeding. When you are able to start your business operations quickly and without a hitch, we know we have also succeeded and taken part in something wonderful.

Here are a few additional services we offer that will give you peace of mind and enable you to focus most of your attention on purely operational needs:

  • Registered Office – we will supply you with our registered office to use as your address. This will save you money in the early stages, especially if you haven’t chosen a site for your headquarters or are still scrambling for capital. Once you have an address of your own, you can always ask us to change the paperwork for you. Alternatively, if you enjoy having a private address and would prefer to maintain your privacy, feel free to retain our registered office service. We will always keep your information secure, as well as any correspondences that come to us on your behalf.
  • Resident Director Services – as you may be aware, businesses in some countries must have a local Resident Director. We can provide a director for your company so that you can start a business, even if you aren’t a resident there yet. In addition, if you are a local citizen or resident but don’t want to be concerned with all the overhead and effort associated with government and tax matters, our resident director services are the perfect answer. We will act on your behalf in a seamless fashion.
  • Registered Agent Services – In most countries, you must also have an agent with a verifiable address in the principal territory where your company will be located. We can easily help you meet this need, and even provide registered agent services in multiple territories to keep up with your growing business. As with all of our other services, we offer fast, efficient, and reliable solutions.

In this way we can help to get your business up and running and in full swing much sooner than it might otherwise take.

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