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Why You Need a Shelf Company

Sometimes it seems ironic that you need experience in order to gain access to the very positions that will give you the best chance to excel in your field. If you thought this was a major challenge in pursuing a conventional career, you may be surprised to find business owners have an even harder time overcoming this barrier. This is just one of many reasons why more business owners are looking to shelf companies (as in buying companies that were formed years ago) instead of starting a business from scratch. Have a look at what our shelf company services can deliver in a matter of hours compared to months and years if you start a brand-new business.

Reputation is Everything

Have you ever noticed that people act differently when you say you have been doing something for one year or less versus 5 years and up? No matter whether it is relationships, occupations, or even working at a hobby, there is a tendency to equate the number of years you have done something, with the likelihood of you being successful at it.

In fact, even if you haven’t done much of anything special in that time period, your reputation level or “experience” will grow in the outlook of other people. Since very few, if any people will stick with a lost cause or a failed effort, the test of time being perceived as a part of your business reputation makes sense. Unfortunately, even the best and most skilful business owner may not get a chance to demonstrate their abilities if the company is brand new.

When you buy a shelf company from us, you can choose ones that have been registered for just a few years or several years. Even though these companies have not been active in making products or services, you can still say the company has been established for a longer period of time than you’ve owned it. Regardless of whether you promote the business as being under new ownership, or simply use the company registration date as your own, it will help establish a reputation for your business that could only be obtained over time.

More than a few people have made the mistake of actually buying a business that has been in operation, and therefore has products, debts, and possibly all kinds of hidden tax and legal problems. While these companies may seem appealing because there is an established client base, the company may have also driven off potential customers that may be of interest to you. Sadly, more than a few shelf company agents will sell you precisely this kind of business instead of one that you can guide and direct without any fear of past actions coming up to interfere. Never forget that our company has taken, and always will take the utmost care to make sure that the shelf companies we sell have never been traded or been used in any way. In fact, we guarantee that each and every company we offer on our website is 100% clean, clear and ready to go. Once you buy a shelf company from us, you will be able to build your own reputation without any “hidden features” that will present serious problems.

Key Things a Potential Business Partner Will Look For

Aside from the number of years your company is in business, a potential business partner will use other metrics to gage whether or not there is a chance your leadership will produce a profitable business. Surprisingly enough, many potential business partners don’t make decisions based on past balance sheets or other purely financial instruments that give insights into the business. Rather, business partners will also look to see how much business acumen you have, as well as if you have certain other mental traits. Here are just a few things that buying a shelf company says to a potential business partner without you ever saying a word about anything else:

  • let’s say your product or service would do well if you were able to put estimates in on contracts that are only open to business that have been established for a certain amount of time. If you purchased an old enough shelf company, then potential business partners will know that you have the ambition required to drive your business in these directions.
  • As you may already be aware, it can take weeks to months to get your tax and employee related paperwork done. It can take even longer to open bank accounts and be in a position to secure venture capital and loans. When you buy a shelf company from us, you can get started on these tasks and complete them in a much shorter time. If you find a potential business partner, there is nothing like being able to say that you are ready to pursue these financial elements and have the paperwork to prove it.
  • - Even though the global economy is a shifting, and often dangerous landscape, the fact remains that businesses can and will do better when they can attract foreign investors and skilled professionals. In some cases, you may even feel that your business would be better run by a foreign venture capitalist that has a track record of succeeding with start-ups similar to your own. Purchasing a shelf company with us comes with some important accessory services. In this case, we can appoint a director on your behalf that will satisfy all legal requirements, and still let you pursue foreign upper management people as needed. This, in turn, may be just what a potential business partner is looking for, especially if your product has a chance for global appeal.
  • As you try to develop a product or service, problems are bound to come up that must be solved as quickly as possible. Potential business partners want to know that you can think fast and act faster, once you have your mind made up. In a sense, when you buy a shelf company, your potential business partner knows that you are ready to act on your instincts and move forward using the fastest legal methods possible.
  • If you have been studying marketing, then you already know it takes 3 – 5 times more work to draw in a new customer than it does to resell to an existing one. Now let’s say you are interested in opening a pizza parlour, or some other business where drawing and keeping repeat customers is very important. In order for you to draw a client in the first place, they must have reasonable expectation that you will produce something they will like. To draw them back in, they must also have a reasonable expectation that what they order again will be of the same quality as the original purchase. As unfair as it may seem, a new business owner will not look as stable in this arena as one that has been open for several years. At the very least, if your pizza parlour appears a bit older, then people will believe that you can produce similar quality over time. Even if word of mouth about your pizza hasn’t gotten around yet, at least people will feel curious enough to give it a try.
Why Everyone Cares About Your Business Address

Even though you may be able to do everything that is needed, there is no escaping the fact that people have certain expectations when it comes to business addresses. For example, you might be expected to have an address in an upscale business district, or some other area that is suitable for your industry type.

Unlike several other shelf company services, we have business offices in multiple areas of each country. For a small fee, we will provide an address for your business in virtually any location of interest to you. If you need a reliable, private address for business correspondences, or simply want letterhead with the right territory in the address line, we can be of immense help to you.

At surface, you can’t simply buy your way into a good business reputation. You can still jump start your business with a better potential for a good reputation when you purchase one of our shelf companies. Once you have a good start and get past the first impression that you are a “novice” or “new” business, you will find that it is actually easier to build a sterling reputation and attract the kinds of business partners, clients, and opportunities that will lead to a productive, profitable, and useful business.

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