Shelf aged companies list
Scotland, UK Limited Liability Partnership
SLLP-001A1 Productions LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-002AAA Digital Marketing LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-003Alpha Integrated Services LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-004CDS Marketing LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-005Miller Industries LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-006Modern Web Vision LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-007Nextor Properties LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-008PrimeWire Capital LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-009Propel Integrated Systems LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-010Tricor Management LLP28-Dec-2016£2,135
SLLP-011Core Brothers LLP02-Feb-2017£1,535
SLLP-012Eagleton Ventures LLP02-Feb-2017£1,535
SLLP-013Mobile Applied Technologies LLP09-Oct-2017£1,535
SLLP-014First Asian Business LLP09-Oct-2017£1,535
SLLP-015Digital Link Partners LLP09-Oct-2017£1,535
SLLP-016Control Media Decision LLP09-Oct-2017£1,535
SLLP-017Premium E-Services LLP09-Oct-2017£1,535
SLLP-018Capital Formation Company LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-019Corporate Travel Consultants LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-020Environmental & Systems Technologies LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-021Executive Corporate Management LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-022Funding4U Capital Resources LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-023Gateway Business Development LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-024Ned Corporate LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-025Newgate Business Solutions LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-026Serfin Trading Advisores LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-027Solid Investments Services LLP14-Dec-2017£1,535
SLLP-028Voguest Business Advisors22-May-2018£985
SLLP-029Alteena Trade Group LLP22-May-2018£985
SLLP-030ABT Executive Management LLP22-May-2018£985
SLLP-031CVC CyberVisionSolutions LLP22-May-2018£985
SLLP-032Environment Care Solutions LLP22-May-2018£985
SLLP-033Coinectus Digital LLP02-Jul-2018£985
SLLP-034Forminic Systems LLP02-Jul-2018£985
SLLP-035LandsWorthy Real Estate LLP02-Jul-2018£985
SLLP-036PlotSeek (UK) LLP02-Jul-2018£985
SLLP-037Structural Labs LLP02-Jul-2018£985
SLLP-038Carriers On Your Way LLP18-Oct-2018£985
SLLP-039On The Way Distributors LLP18-Oct-2018£985
SLLP-040On Your Way Expreess LLP18-Oct-2018£985
SLLP-041On Your Way Transportations LLP18-Oct-2018£985
SLLP-042Worldwide Carrier Services LLP18-Oct-2018£985
SLLP-043BMS – Border Management Systems LLP12-Mar-2019£695
SLLP-044Fortune Vision LLP12-Mar-2019£695
SLLP-045Fresh Aurora LLP12-Mar-2019£695
Additional Services
2020 Government License fee Legally Required
Government License Fee £45

Annual Services
To keep your Company Full Compliant & in
Good Standing
Only applicable next January 2021
To cover Period Jan/Dec 2021
Provision of registered office £395
Provision of Secretarial, Management and Compliance services as required under UK Laws £600
Fling Annual Return, as legally required £120
Preparing and Fling annual DCA Accounts, as legally required£350
Annual Customer due diligence (CDD) requirements under the Final CDD Rule, including collecting, maintaining and reporting of members, Directors and beneficial ownership information (as legally required for Corporate Service Providers, HMRC and FINCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)

Optional Services

To guide you building the Final Cost of
Your Selected Company
To include all those services you need
Bank Account Opening £800
One set of certified apostilled documents for bank account opening purposes £295
One set of notarised documents for Client’s file £125
One set of notarised and apostilled documents for Client’s file £295
Provision of Nominee Partner 1 (Delegated Member) £800
Provision of Nominee Partner 2 (Delegated Member)£450
Notarised Full Power of Attorney £290
Notarised and apostilled Full Power of Attorney £425
VAT application £320
Express courier £  80
Annual Management and Compliance Services included To keep your legal entity officially compliant and In Good Standing at all times

Under the British Companies Law all companies must maintain a physical presence on the Jurisdiction via a registered office. At BSC Associates we view this an integral part in the efficient and effective management of a Company and as a consequence we have built up an experienced team of professionals and robust IT support infrastructure in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Attending to the payment of the Annual Government License Fees and other government fees to Local Registrar;
Maintenance of the statutory records of the company including the Register of Directors, the Register of Members and the Register of Mortgages & Charges;
Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing official correspondence received and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance;
Provision of ad-hoc services as requested from time to time by our clients, such as the provision of certificates of incumbency or certificates of good standing;
Filing of Statutory documents;
Company Searches;
Legalisation of documents;
Regular client updates and memo's on Local regulatory developments

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