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Aged shelf companies Florida, USA Limited Liability Company (LLC)Limited Company
If you want to set up a readymade US LLC, we can help you get started. We can guide you easily to complete all documental procedures.
Annual Service Fees

Aged Shelf Companies Florida

To keep your Company Full Compliant & in
Good Standing
Periodic Report payable to FL Division of CorporationsUS$ 150
Provision of Registered Office US$ 325
Provision of Local Registered Agent US$ 425
Corporate Management and Compliance services under USA Laws, to keep the Company in full compliance and Good Standing US$ 700
Annual Customer due diligence (CDD) requirements under the Final CDD Rule, including collecting, maintaining and reporting of members, Directors and beneficial ownership information (as legally required for Corporate Service Providers, HMRC and FINCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)

US$ 225
Optional Service Fees

To guide you building the Final Cost of
Your Selected Company
To include all those services you need
Bank Account Opening (Overseas)US$  800
Bank Account Opening in USA, with major US bank (Remotely)US$1800
One set of certified apostilled documents for bank account opening purposes US$  295
One set of notarised documents for Client’s file US$  125
One set of notarised and apostilled documents for Client’s file US$  295
Provision of Nominee Member US$  800
Provision of Nominee ManagerUS$  450
Notarised Full Power of Attorney US$  290
Notarised and apostilled Full Power of Attorney US$  425
VAT application US$  320
Express courier US$    70

Aged shelf companies Florida - Why Work With BSC Shelf Companies?

We currently have more than 1,000 aged shelf companies worldwide for sale. These shelf companies have been registered ever since 1998. Discover our list of readymade aged shelf companies.

Please feel free to contact us with questions and we will be very happy to help you. Our team of specialists has a wealth of expertise and experience that can be used for your advantage.

Once you have decided which shelf company you wish to purchase, we will ensure that the entire purchase process is completed in a timely manner, with minimal fuss and frustration!

Annual Management and Compliance Services included To keep your legal entity officially compliant and In Good Standing at all times

Under the US, State of Florida, Division of Corporations Law, all companies must maintain a physical presence on the Jurisdiction via a registered office. At BSC Associates we view this an integral part in the efficient and effective management of a Company and as a consequence we have built up an experienced team of professionals and robust IT support infrastructure in order to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

Attending to the payment of the Annual Government License Fees and other government fees to Local Registrar;
Maintenance of the statutory records of the company including the Register of Directors, the Register of Members and the Register of Mortgages & Charges;
Attending to routine compliance matters (inclusive of periodic file reviews), reviewing official correspondence received and other routine matters incidental to good corporate governance;
Provision of ad-hoc services as requested from time to time by our clients, such as the provision of certificates of incumbency or certificates of good standing;
Filing of Statutory documents;
Company Searches;
Legalisation of documents;
Regular client updates and memo's on Local regulatory developments

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